Library News

Our Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Domin, has been working with Webster administration as well as presenting to our PTO and various city boards for plans to renovate the school library. At this point, the project has been approved by the Building and Sites Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board of School Committee. In the coming months we will be focusing on securing grants and obtaining donations.
Our plan is to remodel the school library to improve traffic flow, ease of use and make the space more accommodating for larger classes and professional meetings. In addition to adjusting the layout, we want to update materials to provide accurate and engaging information for students and staff.

The library was built in the 1970s and has not been updated since. The shelving units, carpet, ceiling, and walls are showing their age. Every year schools get added to a list for major construction/renovations by the district. Our school received funds 2 years ago for the installation of walls in open concept classrooms, relocation of our admin offices, & increased security. The library did not receive any funding. Webster school will now be placed on the bottom of the district’s priority list. Since the library has not had any remodeling for 40 years if we don’t receive outside funding, it is unlikely that the library will be remodeled in the foreseeable future. The Webster Library Renovation Project is estimated to cost approximately $70,000. We ask for your support to make this vision a reality. If you would like to make a donation or know of individuals or companies that may be interested, please contact Mrs. Domin:

We will keep you updated as the plan progresses!

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