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Bully X Project

During the month of February, students in the Manchester School District will be asked to participate in the "BullyX" Project. Each student will have the opportunity, in school, to create an anti-bullying message on a red piece of paper that is being provided by each school. Please read below to learn what this project is all about.

Justin Spencer, founder of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X is taking a stance against bullying by building the world's largest RED "X" symbolizing our mission to stop bullying! Each leg of the RED "X" will be as big as a football field and will consist of a compilation of over 250,000 personal anti-bullying messages, taken from people all over the world. Anyone is invited and welcome to participate in this large scale activity. This will hopefully make a global impact by being filmed and shared across the wavelengths all over the world!

The following provides more details about the "BullyX" Project. The red "X" is being built in the desert outside of Las Vegas. Our students' red papers will not be returned to the students. Justin Spencer plans to have a film crew in a helicopter record the event and broadcast it on YouTube for everyone to see. We believe that many students and families may enjoy watching this recorded event knowing that they all participated in making "Bully X" a success. The event will take place on March 22nd and an update will be given once the video is available to watch. We are all very excited to be participating in this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your school.
Kristen Beakey,
Feb 24, 2014, 9:57 AM